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History of Science and Medicine

History of Science and Medicine

The eighth century witnessed the start of a great scientific movement that would sweep across the Islamic world. Immense advances were made in every domain—astronomy, chemistry, natural history, mathematics and medicine—along with scholarly efforts to translate philosophical and scientific works from Greek, Syriac, Pahlavi and Sanskrit into Arabic. The works from this period found a large audience in late Medieval and Renaissance Europe, and from new astronomical tables that would be used by the greatest European physicists of the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to mathematical innovations that form the basis of modern technology, their influence would go on to act as the foundations of scientific scholarship in the West.

Comprising an exceptional set of rare and important manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books and monographs from the ninth century onwards, the History of Science and Medicine collection documents and illustrates the history of the translation, reception and influence of Arabic scholarship in Europe and their lasting influence on Western science, technology and medicine.

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