Awards and Reviews

Winner of the 2018 PROSE Awards: R.R. Hawkins Award for excellence in scholarly publishing



Winner of the 2018 Prose Award for Excellence in Reference Works

Winner of the 2018 Prose Award for E-Product


“Arcadian Library Online sheds a timely light on the oft-forgotten transmission of scientific and medical knowledge from the Arab and Persian world to Europe, and does so magnificently … through the manuscripts and books within the library's collection, which are reproduced here in high-resolution detail, and in a readily searchable form in English and Arabic, including marginalia and expert commentaries.”
Nigel Fletcher-Jones PhD, Director, The American University in Cairo Press and Co-Chair of the 2018 PROSE Awards

“This collection is … user-friendly … and accessible … All facsimiles are of outstanding quality and visual appeal. Browsing through the Arcadian Library is an aesthetic pleasure. This new quarry will be welcomed by libraries of universities that host large Middle Eastern studies departments, not to mention Middle Eastern institutions that want to foster studies on their cultural heritage.”

“This is a beautiful and fascinating collection … for scholars and researchers with a deep interest in the influence of the Middle East on the West.”
Library Journal

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