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History of Science highlights

Breuis ac perutilis cōpilatio Alfragani astronomo[rum]

This is a very rare first edition of Farghānī’s best known and most influential work, on Ptolemaic astronomy, dated 3 September 1493... Read more

Kitāb al-milāl wa al-duwal

Fragments from the Kitāb al-milāl wa al-duwal, manuscript, 10th century. North Africa. The famous astrologer Abū Ma`shar (d. 886) named his book Kitāb al-Milal wal-Duwal... Read more

History of Medicine highlights

Kitab al-Musta‘ini

Kitab al-Musta‘ini, or Kitab al-adwiyah al-mufradah (Book of Simples), is a treatise on medical remedies and drugs which draws on the learning of earlier Arab... Read more

Opera medicinalia

Volume 1) A very early edition of Mesue’s pharmacological writings. Mesue’s work was the text-book of pharmacy in the West and Mesue was for centuries... Read more

Featured Commentary

An Introduction to the Arcadian Library

The Arcadian Library, from its very inception, has always been more than a private collection. Its acquisition policy has always been secondary... Read more

A Brief Introduction to the Scientific and Medical Holdings of the Arcadian Library

The field in which Arab and Persian contributions to progress was most widely acknowledged in the West was science. In spite of criticisms which started... Read more