Arcadian Library Online - Content


What content is available in Arcadian Library Online?

Arcadian Library Online brings together a digital archive of the Arcadian Library’s collection of books, documents and manuscripts showcasing the shared cultural heritage between the Middle East and the West. The collections digitized to date are History of Science and Medicine and Europe and the Ottoman World: Diplomacy and International Relations

How was the collection curated?

The collection was curated by the chairman of the Arcadian Library in consultation with researchers and subject matter experts.

Are translations of the collection items available?

The collection items are available as facsimile images in the original source language, without HTML full text or additional translations.

What time period is covered?

The library holdings span from the 8th to 20th centuries.

Will the resource be updated?

There are currently no plans for future collections.

Who is the resource for?

Arcadian Library Online is an invaluable resource for scholars and researchers in World History; History of Ideas; History of Science and Medicine; History of Philosophy; Middle Eastern Studies; Turkish and Ottoman Studies; Literary and Cultural Studies; and Medieval and Renaissance Studies.