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  • J. E. A. Whealler
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...Bound with Le Kouldja, Souvenirs historiques et impressions de voyage, from: La Nouvelle Revue, 1 January 1880, pp. 179-188. The author was born in Vienna in May 1842 and died inJanuary 1904 in Florence. He was an anthropologist , explorer...
...Summary of reports and maps on the petroleum geology of Persia for the Anglo-Persian Oil Company made in 1922–3 by J. E. A. Whealler, who died the year of its completion, published with other papers by him. Likely very small print run...
...Notice of an action undertaken by Genoa and Naples as part of a general measure to protect their merchant ships against the activities of Barbary pirates. The report details how, having equipped two warships for coastguard patrol...