Arcadian Library Online

Access and Logging In

How do I access Arcadian Library Online?

After your institution’s account set-up has been completed there are a variety of ways to access the site.

Using Automatic Authentication

Most institutions will set up their access via IP-authentication. This means a user who comes to the site through an institution that has purchased access will automatically be logged in when accessing the site.

Librarians, you can find out about setting up your institution by visiting our Librarians page.

Using Username and Password

Some institutions require username and password authentication. If you do not know your institution's log in details, please consult your librarian.

If you have password access to the site, type your username and password into the login fields accessed from the home page. Remember that your password is case-sensitive.

If you have forgotten your password, follow this link to be reminded of your password. If you have problems logging in, please Contact Us.

Using Shibboleth Access

If your institution uses authentication via Shibboleth, select the Log In button on the Home Page, then select Log In via your institution.

What is the difference between Log In and Sign In?

Log In is for logging into the site via your institution. If your institution has IP recognition you will be logged in automatically.

Sign In is a personal login which allows you to use the bookmarking, note-taking and save search features. If your institution has not purchased access, you can still create an account but the content available to you will be limited to free content only.